7 Inspirational Nuggets to Help You Win This Week – Tome 9

This week, I share a few thoughts on fostering deep relationships, overcoming fear, procrastination, and perfectionism, expressing your uniqueness, enduring the process, and savoring moments life brings you.

Make this week memorable!

Nugget 1

Life isn’t meant to be a solitary journey.

You don’t have to travel through life by yourself. You don’t have to pursue your goals and dreams alone. You’re meant to foster healthy and vibrant relationships with others. Connection and collaboration are essential to your success and happiness in life.

Nugget 2

Fear locks up your potential.

Fear is on a mission to cause you to miss your moment; it wants you to die with your potential still locked down inside you. If you would overcome your fears, you’ll tap into far more of your potential; you would aim higher, attempt greater, dream bigger, take action sooner.

Nugget 3

Waiting for perfect conditions is the “perfect” veil for procrastination.

Procrastination loves to pull out the “perfection” card. It wants you to wait for your situation to be perfect before you begin taking action. And because there’s no such thing as “perfect conditions,” you keep delaying until it’s too late. Your conditions don’t need to be perfect for you to take action. In fact, wherever you are, you can take steps forward—even if only baby steps. Do something: anything that will move you forward.

Nugget 4

Share your voice; someone needs your song.

You bring something unique to the landscape of the world. In all the history of humanity, there’s never been someone like you. That is to say that you have a unique contribution to make, and someone needs that contribution. Have the courage to share your voice with the world, and let your song bless the heart of the people you’re meant to serve.

Nugget 5

You can’t sell what you don’t ship. If you don’t ship “it,” it can’t serve.

It’s possible to work on a project indefinitely. However, until you “ship” your project (i.e., until you complete it), it can’t serve as it was meant to serve. You can work on your project for a long time, but a moment comes when you must say, “good enough is good enough,” and “ship” the project.

Nugget 6

Endure the process, and you’ll savor the result.

No one achieves significant results without having to go through a demanding process. Like a pregnant woman, you must go through your pregnancy (the process) before you can see your baby face to face (the result). If you want to lose weight, build a business, complete your degree, play a professional sport, become a skilled musician, name it, you must go through a laborious process.

Nugget 7

Life is a stream of memorable moments. Savor each one.

Life can sometimes be so fast-paced, that we fail to enjoy the moment. We put ourselves on autopilot and jump from one activity to the next, failing to realize that each moment is a precious gift. Take the time to savor the joyous and fulfilling moments life brings your way. They’re what life is made of.

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Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.