7 Pillars of a Positive Attitude – Part 1

Despite all the challenges, all the pains, all the ills of life, being alive is a great gift. Having the opportunity to laugh, to love and be loved, to contemplate a dazzling sunrise or sunset, to taste exquisite delicacies, to use our gifts to serve others, to discover the mysteries of nature, to create wonderful works of art, to smell the sweet perfumes of roses and other flowers, to enjoy beautiful music that uplift the soul, to feel the warm embrace of a loved one—these are but a few of the blessings we get to experience as humans.

So many blessings. So many reasons to be grateful for. Yet, we can miss all of this if we don’t have the right attitude. We can be surrounded by so much, yet appreciate so little because of a poor attitude. We can walk in a gold mine but focus on the dirt and never realize the value that is within reach.

A spirit of gratitude is a pillar of a positive attitude. In fact, people who have a positive attitude are people who are grateful. They are deeply and genuinely appreciative of the gift of life. They are thankful for their relationships and make sure they nurture and cherish them. They are grateful for who they are, for what they have, and what they get to do in life. They understand that the world owes them nothing and that, whatever they have, it’s an amazing grace. They know that life is fragile, and thus, they are thankful for every moment they get to savor the breath of life. Every morning they wake up is reason enough to be grateful.

For them, everything is a reason to be thankful.

Not that everything is perfect in their lives. No, they go through “stuff” like everyone else. They too drink the sour cup of pain. They have times when the pressures of life beat on them. They shed tears too. However, they never lose sight of their blessings. They keep their heart pure.

They resist the urge to complain and to indulge in envy and jealousy. They understand that complaining doesn’t improve the situation they are complaining about. They realize that envy and jealousy don’t add anything to their life. Thus, they focus on what they have rather than what they don’t have.

Because of their grateful spirit, people with a positive attitude are happy people.

Gratefulness might just be the secret to happiness. If not the secret, certainly an indispensable ingredient.


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Vladimir Elie

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