7 Pillars of a Positive Attitude – Part 2

Life can be harsh at times. Everyone has moments when the pressures of life are difficult to bear. In fact, people are often more hurt than they show. They walk around looking sharp, looking lovely, but their souls are bruised. They paint masks and fake smiles on their faces but bury deep pain in their hearts. Masters at hiding their misery, they often suffer in silence. They are troubled, emotionally drained, worried, in great despair, and no one knows it. They are in dire need of encouragement and support.

It doesn’t even have to be that dramatic for someone to need a word of encouragement. A genuine word of encouragement touches the soul, and everyone loves receiving such word.

The person with a positive attitude is encouraging. When people leave her presence, their soul is uplifted. They feel inspired; they want to be better and do better; they are pushed to stretch their wings and go to the next level; they feel compelled to serve more and do more good in the world.

This is in stark contrast with negative people, who suck the life out of people. People come to them light and leave with burdens on their shoulders; they come with great dreams and leave with nightmares; they come with wings and leave with shackles.

A spirit of encouragement is a pillar of a positive attitude. People with a positive attitude are compassionate and use their lips to uplift others, not bring them down. They realize that the way they use their tongue matters and that, by their words, they can really make a difference in someone’s life.

The way they speak to others (and about others in their absence) is seasoned with grace. They don’t find pleasure in criticizing others and demeaning them. They don’t stab people in the back, launch smearing campaign against others or tarnish their reputation. They use their tongues as an instrument of blessing (not cursing).

Not only do people with a positive attitude encourage others, they also encourage themselves. They don’t give in to negative self-talk and don’t allow negative thinking to pollute their mind. They guard their heart and strive to keep a positive mindset. They speak to themselves in an empowering way and make sure their inner-dialog is working for them, not against them.

Words give a window to the heart. Speech reveals the mind. The mouth of the person who has a positive attitude is a fountain of encouragement.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.