7 Pillars of a Positive Attitude – Part 4

When things don’t go right, many people default to casting blame on something other than themselves: on the elements of nature, on the government, on their teacher, on their boss, or on whatever else they can find to avoid taking responsibility. If the project they are leading fails, it’s because the technology failed. If they are late for work, it’s because of the bus driver. If their relationship dies, it’s only their partner’s fault.

Because of their habit of shirking responsibility, these people tend to whine, to complain, and making excuses, traits that are antithetical to a positive attitude.

A strong sense of responsibility is a pillar of a positive attitude and is essential to living an empowered life.

People with a positive attitude take responsibility for their results. They take ownership of their outcomes—good or bad. When they “mess up” and make mistakes, they take ownership, apologize, and seek to make things right. They know that they aren’t perfect, neither do they try to be.

In a broader sense, they understand that they are responsible for their lives. They realize that they aren’t servile to the whims of the universe or victims of their circumstances; their life will be what they make of it. If they don’t like the current state of their life, they can make changes.

They recognize that they aren’t entitled to anything: the world owes them nothing, If it’s going to be, it’s up to them; they must make things happen.

Empowered by a strong sense of agency, they commit to shaping their future and making their contribution to the world. They don’t rely on luck as a strategy to get results and no matter what life throws at them, supported by a positive mindset, they continue their journey forward.

When problem emerged, instead of wasting their energy trying to evade responsibility and ascribe blame and make excuses, they focus on finding solutions to get their desired results.

There is no way around this. You must take responsibility for your life and your results. Whoever you blame or whatever excuses you conjure won’t change the fact that you have to live with your results. The sooner you take responsibility for your life, the sooner you develop an unshakable positive attitude.

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Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.