7 Pillars of a Positive Attitude – Part 5

No one makes it alone. No matter how gifted a person is, at one point or another, he or she needs the contribution of others. Extroverts and introverts alike must learn to connect, interact and collaborate with others. And one’s attitude plays a big role in how successful the association is.

People who have a positive attitude understand that the journey of life is meant to be traveled with others and that there is strength in collaboration; success is a team sport.

With great humility, they recognize that they don’t have all the answers, gifts, talents, etc. Thus, they warmly welcome what others bring to the table. When someone presents a different perspective, they keep an open mind, listen carefully, and give it a serious consideration.

They have no problem letting someone else shine in his or her areas of expertise. They acknowledge the contribution of others and celebrate achievements and successes and refrain from letting their hearts being polluted by jealousy and envy. Gossiping and backbiting aren’t part of their ascension strategy. All the contrary, they help people up with great delight.

When they get to the field, positive people bring their “A” game: they give their best effort at all time. They don’t hold back and sabotage the game (or project, or whatever) even when their own “play” isn’t the one being executed.

Positive people value connections; they understand that life is about relationships. They seek to build rapport and trust with others. They cherish and nurture their relationships, and in times of mishaps and misunderstandings, they are prompt to forgive and to restore the harmony in their relationship.

That’s not to say that they associate with just anyone. In fact, they are aware that who they associate with can make or break them. Thus, positive people make an effort to stay away from toxic people. They understand that attitudes are contagious, and thus, who they spend their time with will inevitably affect their attitude.

They realize that not everyone is going in the same direction and share the same values. Thus, they carefully choose who they spend their time with and collaborate with.

A spirit of collaboration is a pillar of a positive attitude.