7 Pillars of a Positive Attitude – Part 7

If you throw a ball against the wall. It will bounce back. No matter how many times you throw it, it will always bounce back. Positive people are like that ball: no matter how many times they hit a wall, they bounce back. They are resilient.

Like everyone else, they hit walls at times, and when they do, they too feel the pain of hitting the wall. That said, despite the pain, they refuse to let the wall stop their motion. They keep moving until they find the way to their destination.

A spirit of resilience is a pillar of a positive attitude. Positive people aren’t easily discouraged. They persevere and press through any difficulty.

Because of their attitude, setbacks become springboards that propel them forward. When the going gets tough, they keep going. When they get knock down, they get back up. When people throw bricks at them, they use those as building blocks to build something great.

When they face roadblocks, they adjust their course; they are flexible enough to adapt to changing conditions. Their minds are so agile that they adjust at a moment’s notice to challenges that stand in their way. While others are paralyzed by obstacles, positive people go around and keep moving forward.

They don’t let a cul-de-sac stop their journey; they backtrack a little and find another way. They don’t let rain ruin their picnic; they improvise and still have a good time. They recognize that complaining and whining about situations they can’t change is a total waste of time and energy.

They use their creativity muscle to figure things out; they know that there is a solution to every problem (and usually more than one solution). Thus, rather than letting circumstances shake and frustrate them, they focus their energy on finding solutions that will lead them where they want to go.

Positive people refuse to take “no” for an answer. They are prepared to endure the process to get to their end result. They realize that the journey towards their God-given dreams comes at a price, and they are willing the make the required sacrifices to reach their destination.