8 Must-Have Qualities to Achieve Your Goals—Fast!

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Setting goals is important. But you don’t want to stop there; you want to achieve your goals. In other words, you don’t simply want goal-setting, you want goal-achievement: get to the finish line, cross the goal of the list, and move on to the next one.

The 8 qualities I share here are indispensable if you want to achieve your goals (and achieve them fast).

1. Belief

Belief is must-have quality to achieve any goal. You may not have the skillset yet. You may not have the connections yet. You may not have the resources yet. But you must believe. You must have enough belief to launch on your journey and to reach your goal.

If you don’t believe that the goal is achievable, you’ll never do what it takes to achieve it. You’ll procrastinate and unconsciously find ways to self-sabotage. It all begins with belief.

2. Focus

To achieve your goals fast, you must focus. A lack of focus decreases your effectiveness. Focus means that your goal is getting the attention it requires.

Nowadays, it’s hard to stay focus; there are so many beeping, flashing, ringing, and talking things that interfere with or squarely interrupt your important activities.

As you seek to achieve your goals, distractions are one of the many challenges you’ll face. Things will vie for your attention, energy and time, but you can’t let them distract nor sidetrack you. Set your goals and focus on them until you reach the finish line.

3. Consistency

To achieve your goals, consistency is key. Consistency creates momentum, and momentum is what you need to achieve your goals fast. Anytime you are inconsistent—stop and go, and stop and go…—you waste time and energy, and delay the achievement of your goal.

Consistency works hand-in-hand with focus. To achieve your goals fast, don’t chase too many rabbits at once (be focused), but when you know which one you are chasing, stay at it consistently until you catch it.

4. Resilience

Any worthwhile goal will come with its share of obstacles, challenges, and setbacks. In fact, it’s as if, any time you decide to pursue a significant goal, there are opposing forces that stand in your way and say, “No, you can’t reach this goal.” You must press through.

You may need to regroup and strategize. You may need to have a pep talk with your coach. You may need to get on your knees and pray. But don’t give up. You must be resilient and refuse to take “No” for an answer. Your great goals demand that you show great resolve.

5. Positivity

A positive attitude gives you the right frame of mind to reach the finish line. It energizes your soul. It protects you from discouragement. It feeds your sense of resiliency. It helps you stay focus and consistent.

With a positive attitude, setbacks become springboards to go further and higher, and bricks thrown by detractors become building blocks.

A positive attitude makes your journey towards your goal much more delightful.

6. Creativity

Every goal should require that you use your creativity muscle. Your ability to think creatively is a major asset in life; it gives you an edge and ensures you never stagnate. When you face an unexpected situation, you don’t waste time complaining and whining; you tap into your reservoir of creative ideas and find a solution—and often that solution makes your end result better than what you had initially thought.

7. Humility

As you pursue your goals, it’s important that you understand that you don’t have to do everything on your own. You can ask for help. Be humble and recognize that you don’t have all the answers. You don’t have all the resources. You don’t have all the talents.

You can use the gifts, resources, and expertise of others to help you reach your goals faster.

8. Teachability

Significant goals demand that you grow significantly. As you journey, life sends you lessons, which you must learn. If you don’t, you delay your progress. When you have a teachable spirit, you learn from your mistakes, and then use what you’ve learned to propel you forward. When you receive wise counsel, you don’t pay deaf ears; you take heed to the advice, and by doing so, you save yourself time and pain.

You have great things to accomplish in the world, and in order to accomplish them, you must get into the habit of achieving your goals. The sooner you reach a goal, the sooner you can tackle bigger and greater ones. By cultivating these 8 must-have qualities, you’ll have the foundation you need to achieve great goals in your life!

Question: Which of these qualities you must pay special attention to and cultivate in your life?