8 Things You Must Do to Protect Your Time – Part 2

You can’t bottle time and save it for later. Once a moment passes, it’s gone forever. Time is extremely precious. And if you want to maximize your time, you must cherish and protect it.

In this two-part series, I share eight things you must do to protect your time. In the previous post, I covered the first four things. Here are the next four.

1. Focus on the Task at Hand

Your brain can only focus on one thing at a time. Trying to juggle too many balls at a time is a recipe for wasting time. Focus on the task at hand, and then tackle the next one. In fact, you’ll get more done by lining your tasks one after the other, instead of trying to handle all of them at once.

Determine what’s your most important activity and focus your attention and efforts on it until you complete it.

When you chase too many rabbits at once, you catch none. Focus on one target and work tirelessly to reach it. And when you’re done, go to the next one.

2. Cut the Fat

To protect your time, you must let go of time wasters: activities that waste your time. Your life may be filled with low-value activities, which add no real value to your life. You must cut them out of your life.

Some activities may have been valuable at one point in your life, but they may not be anymore. You must have the courage to scratch them off your to-do list.

When you look at the activities that occupy your time, can you identify some activities that aren’t contributing to your life? You must get real with yourself and call those activities out for what they are: time wasters. These activities are eating up your time, but giving you nothing in return. They must go.

3. Give Yourself Leg Room

Every ambitious goal you set for yourself, every productive activity you engage in, every vital task you tackle, will take longer than you think. To ensure you don’t leave things half-done, give yourself a little bit of wiggle room.

For example, if you think a task will take you 10 minutes to perform, give yourself 15 minutes to complete it. Usually, you’ll need that extra 5 minutes to handle unforeseen challenges.

4. Get Enough Sleep

To be productive, to work effectively, you need energy (and lots of it). Sleep replenishes your energy bank.

Trying to drive a car on an empty tank doesn’t get you very far. Likewise, trying to tackle tasks on an empty tank doesn’t work very well. When you work depleted, everything takes longer. A task that should have taken you no more than 30 minutes can eat up 90 minutes, just because you’re tired and you’re struggling to focus on the task.

Everything you want to accomplish in life demands time. You can’t afford to squander your time and waste it on trivial activities. Your time is precious, and you must learn to protect it.

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Vladimir Elie

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