8 Things You’ll Regret at the End of Your Life—And What To Do To Prevent It (Part 7)

Day in and day out, things are competing for a piece of your life. They want your attention. They want your time. They want your money. They want your energy. Activities are yelling, “Choose me”. Products are pitching, “Buy me”. People are pleading, “Follow me”. And if you are not careful you’ll be pulled in all directions and have no focus.

Here’s the deal. You can’t engage in every activity. You can’t buy every product. And you can’t follow everybody.

Your resources are limited, and thus, saying, “yes”, to one thing implies saying, “no”, to something else. You have 24 hours in a day, and you can’t get more. Therefore you must learn to steward those hours effectively. You have a certain income, and you must manage it carefully.

At the end of your life, you’ll regret not having invested your resources—primarily your money and your time—more wisely.

You’ll regret wasting too much time on trivial activities. You’ll regret losing sight of the activities that truly matter because you were distracted by unimportant ones.

You’ll regret wasting your money on baubles. You’ll regret having squandered your money on junk instead of investing it in a meaningful way.

You’ll regret spending so much time and money consuming, consuming, consuming,… when you could have been producing, producing, producing,…

There are more demands on you than you have resources to supply: there are more tasks and activities than you have time for; there are more products and services than you have money for. You can’t do everything and you can’t buy everything. What you can do though is choose the activities that will get your time and the products and services that will get your money. You decide how you use your resources.

Set Priorities and Focus on Them

Your priorities define where your resources go. Therefore, set clear priorities, making sure they are aligned with your vision and values. Your vision is the direction for your life. Your values are the foundation for your life.

Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 15, 20… years? Describe your relationship with your spouse, your kids, your family, your friends, your colleagues, etc. Describe your career. Describe your contribution to society. Describe your relationship with God. Describe your health…

Make sure your resources are invested in a way that leads you in the right direction.

What are your core values? Is family important to you? Do you value creativity? Faith? Integrity? For example, if faith and connecting with God is important to you, you would be wise to invest time praying and meditating (instead of wasting countless hours watching meaningless TV shows).

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Strive to invest your time and money on activities and products and services that truly matter to you.

Question: What can you do today to ensure your time and money are invested wisely?