8 Things You’ll Regret at the End of Your Life—And What To Do To Prevent It (Part 8)

The world is an abundant place. There are so many enriching experiences to have, amazing discoveries to make, great ideas to pursue, great opportunities to seek out, exciting topics to explore, etc.

Like a child entering a toy store, you can spend your life being marveled by the wonders that surround you. You’ll never get to a point where you have seen it all. However, you must have the right “eyes” to see the beauty and possibilities that are staring you in the face. And, yes, you must take a risk and step outside of your comfort zone.

At the end of your life, you’ll regret staying on the safe shores of your comfort zone when you could have launched into the deep sea of discovery. You’ll regret allowing yourself to get stuck in a rut when there was an exciting world to explore around you. You’ll regret letting fear confine you to the dungeon of your routine when you were destined to make exhilarating experiences. You’ll regret being so busy making a living that you neglected to “live”.

Life is meant to be an amazing journey, filled with breathtaking moments. You don’t have to grow stale.

Do Something New

As creatures of habits, you have the propensity to adopt routines, which can cause your life to stagnate and become monotonous. To avoid this, you must be intentional about injecting novelty into your life. Step outside of your comfort zone, and do something that you’ve never done before. Periodically, you should aim to do something completely out of the ordinary, something that will demand that you stretch, something that will make you grow.

Keep an Open Mind

There is so much variety and richness in the world. This great diversity is meant to enrich our lives. For example, you can grow a lot by being exposed to other cultures: learning about their customs, enjoying their food, reading their literature, dancing to their music, learning their language, etc. Keep and open mind; your perspective and your experience of the world is not the only one, and more importantly, is not the only “valid” one.

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The world is an exciting place to whom is ready to open his or her horizons. And even after a lifetime of exploration, you won’t drain the well of possibilities that life offers. Decide to live life to the fullest.

Question: What new experience do you plan to do in the next 90 days?