9 Personal Failings That Can Cost You Your Goal – Part 4

In life, there are so many goals you can pursue, that there’s really no reason for you to roam around aimlessly. You can accomplish far more than what you’ve done so far. You can make a far greater contribution than the one you’ve made so far.

You’re meant to achieve great goals. And at any moment, you can decide to set your sail toward an inspiring destination.

In the previous 3 articles, we’ve examined 5 of the 9 personal failings that can cost you your goal:

If you’re not careful, any of these can prevent you from reaching your goal.

No matter what you’ve accomplished, there’s more for you to do. Thus, you can’t afford to let personal failings stop you from achieving all you can, especially given that these aren’t outside of your control; you can address them.

Let’s look at personal failings 6 and 7.

Personal Failing 6: Inability – Lack of Competence

You aspire to record a great music album. But can you sing? You desire to become a professional speaker. But how strong are your presentation and oratorical skills? I mean can you even put two coherent sentences together? You yearn to be a professional basketball player. But can you even dribble a basketball? You want to build a big business. But have honed your business skills?

In short, do you have the skills you need to achieve your goal? Are you competent? Your goal comes with a “job description” that outlines a list of competencies you must possess to complete your journey successfully.

There are skills inherent to your goal, and you must acquire them if you’re to be successful on your journey. You must identify what these skills are and work at developing them.


A lack of competence is a personal failing that can cost you your goal. When you set a goal, take the time to identify the competencies you need to reach it.

Personal Failing 7: Insecurity – Lack of Confidence

Insecurity is the enemy of achievement, and it can cost you your goal.

Confidence is the belief that you have what it takes to accomplish your goal—or that you have what it takes to learn what you need to learn along the way.

Belief is the ignition that sets you on your way.

You may not have all the skills you need for the journey, but if you believe in your goal, you’ll do what it takes to acquire them. You may not have all the connections and resources you need at first, but if you have belief, you’ll figure it out. Belief will make up for many disadvantages. However, not many things can make up for a lack of confidence.

If you don’t believe your goal is achievable or don’t believe you have what it takes to achieve it, you won’t launch and won’t do what it takes to achieve your goal.

A lack of confidence keeps you locked in mediocrity. Blinded by an illusory safety, you remain in the arms of complacency.

Great goals involve great risks. Like a great explorer leaving the safe shores of the known world in direction of a new world, you must be bold and take a leap of faith, if you’re to ever achieve your goal.

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