9 Personal Failings That Can Cost You Your Goal – Part 5

In this series, we’ve been examining nine personal failings that can cost you your goal. Left unaddressed, any of these can jeopardize your goal. However, although these are real threats to your goal, you’re not powerless; you can (and must) address them.

Personal Failing 8: Ignorance – Lack of Information

If you set out to lose weight but, for whatever reason, don’t know that chocolate bars and candy and deep-fried foods and soda and a sedentary lifestyle aren’t helping you lose weight, the likelihood of you losing weight anytime soon is “slim”; out of ignorance, you’ll engage in activities that are detrimental to your goal (e.g., eating junk).

If you want to build a vibrant marriage but don’t know the importance of communication, quality time, and touch, your relationship won’t survive.

You may have good intentions, but your lack of information will—with time—cause your downfall. If you lack the basic knowledge required for your journey, you’ll never reach your destination.

Ignorance is a hindrance. It can cost you your goal.

In this day and age, information is readily available. Thus, there are really no excuses for suffering from information famine. If anything, you would suffer from information obesity; information is abundant, and it’s easily accessible.

This abundance brings its challenges. For instance, there’s a lot of conflicting information out there. Thus, you must find trusted sources of information on topics related to your goal (e.g., trusted advisors, who have traveled the journey before you).

Also, you can develop an “information consumption addiction,” which causes you to get stuck in consuming information but never taking any action. You overdose and become paralyzed.

There’s such a thing as too much information.

To ensure you don’t suffer from information overload, manage your consumption of information.

Imagine if, when you put the address of your destination, your GPS spat out, in one big stream, all the turns you must take. You would get an overload of information and it would be useless because you would forget most it anyway.  And you would get lost—that is if you even leave the parking lot in the first place.

A better approach is to get just enough information to make it to your next junction.

When you drive to a new place, you know your destination, have a general overview of the trajectory you must take, and rely on your GPS to get more specific information along the way.

Do the same with your goal. Get just enough information and take action, and as you are in motion, get additional information.

Personal Failing 9: Discouragement – Lack of Commitment

Achieving great goals is hard. It rarely goes as fast and as smoothly as you want it, and at the price range that you expected.

As you embark on your journey toward your goal, you’re full of hope and enthusiasm. But as you begin to stomach setbacks and face opposition, your enthusiasm wanes and makes way to discouragement. When discouragement stings you and its venom begins to spread in your mind, you lose heart, your motivation gets numbed, and your goal dies of a slow but sure death.

The antidote? A firm commitment to your goal. How “bad’ do you want it? Great goals demand great resolve.

Any goal worth its salt is challenging. To reach the finish line, you must push—hard.

Your commitment to your goal propels you forward in the face of adversity. When everything in you wants to give up, your commitment must drive you to take one more step forward.

Many people. have given up at the doorstep of their goal. They were literally at one step from their breakthrough, but they gave up. Not you. Keep pushing forth.

Here you have it. The nine personal failings that can cost you your dream:

Now, go and pursue great goals!

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