I am Vladimir Elie, founder of the ResultsEmpowerment website, a site that aims to help achievers reach their goals, boost their productivity, master their mindset, and sharpen their leadership skills.

I share practical insights to empower people who, like you, are doing great work in the world.

I believe you have significant contribution to make and I have created this site to provide you with the strategies and tools you need for this important journey.


  • I am a Family man: I am married to my Lady and we have four precious kids who, every day, make my wife and I discover dimensions of love we never knew existed.
  • I am a man of Faith: Faith plays a central role in my life; it keeps me grounded and nourishes my soul in ways only it can. For years, I have been involved in faith-based organizations serving people from all walks of life and helping them experience an abundant life.
  • I am a man of Friendship: I am fortunate to be surrounded by awesome friends, some of which have been in my life for more than 25 years, and others for less than 25 weeks. For me, life is about relationships, and I cherish the ones I have been blessed with.
  • I am a man of Fellowship: As part of the fellowship of humankind, we are all connected. With this in mind, I appreciate and celebrate the diversity in the world; at the same time, I cultivate and encourage unity around me. I believe I have a responsibility to bring a valuable contribution to humanity: to serve others and help make the world a better place.
  • I am a man of Fitness: In my life, I have been healthy and I have been ill. I prefer being healthy. Because of this, I decide to make healthy choices, which help me maintain a lifestyle that provides me with the highest level of energy and wellness. Plus, I have three kids to keep up with…
  • I am a man of Finances: I endeavor to be a good steward of my resources. For me, it is not about how much I make, but about how well I manage what I have. Over the years, with an expanding family and a homemaker wife, I have learned to be very creative at making more with less.
  • I am a man of Fun: Life is a gift, and I enjoy each day I am blessed to see. Whether I am sitting on a patio drinking a smoothie with a friend, working on a large-scale project, or suffocating under the weight of kids jumping on me, I make sure I spice up every aspect of my life with a tablespoon of fun.


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