Accelerate Your Results With This 3-Step Process

The name of the game is results. That’s what everyone is after. Whether the result is building a profitable business, earning your university degree, losing 30 lbs to get back to your healthy body weight, getting out of debt, taking your family to Europe for the trip of a lifetime—people want results.

Not only do people want results, they want fast results—at least as fast as possible.

It’s unproductive to take two months to get a result that could have taken two weeks. Unfortunately, this is often the case.

The reverse is also true: you set yourself up for disappointment and frustration when you want to achieve in two weeks a result that really demands two months to be achieved. Certain results just need time, just like a baby need to remain in their mother’s womb for 9 months before seeing the light of day.

Whether your desired results take two weeks or two months or two years, you can follow three simple steps to accelerate your journey toward them quickly.

1. Define What You Want Clearly

If you don’t set your destination, you may end up somewhere you never intended to.

The “results journey” starts when you define what you want: your desired result.

What is your goal? What’s the outcome you seek? Identify your target clearly; it’s hard to hit the bull’s eye of a fuzzy target.

It’s not enough to want to earn more. How much more? It’s not enough to want to lose weight. How much weight? Define what you want clearly.

2. Focus Your Efforts

Once you know what you want, you must focus your efforts to get it. Each day, you have a limited number of hours and amount of energy, and you must ensure you put in enough effort to achieve your goal.

Many things will try to sidetrack and distract you; you must resist their appeal and focus on your goal. The more you focus on your goal, the faster you reach your destination.

What if you have too many goals? Choose the most important one and focus on it until you reach it. You accomplish very little by scattering your efforts. Lack of focus is probably the main reason for delayed results.

You may be able to get away with a few goals. But as a general rule, focus on your most important one. Focus is the secret to accelerated results.

3. Refuse to Quit

If your goal is meaningful, you’ll face challenges and experience setbacks. Obstacles are part of your journey. Therefore, don’t be surprised when you face them.

If you quit every time the going gets tough, you’ll never accomplish anything. Often, your desired result awaits on the other side of resistance. The prize often hides behind the problem.

Like with Hollywood movies, often opposition strikes when you’re inches away from your goal. Don’t let the opposition stop you. To reach your goal, you must push through.

To accelerate your results, define your goals clearly, focus your efforts to achieve them, and refuse to give up.



About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.