An Incentive to Sharpen Your Skills

Recently, my daughters were watching YouTube clips on 5-minute crafts. The videos were showcasing someone using everyday things—e.g., pins, bottle caps, glue, toothbrushes, etc.—to create beautiful and practical items, such as bracelets, handbags, lamps, and all sorts of the items.

As I watched, I was amazed by the creativity of these “artists.” “Who would have thought that a set of pins could be turned into such a beautiful bracelet?” The people on the videos (which we didn’t see; we only saw their hands) skillfully put the various items together.

Because of their skill set, there are many things you and I pay for that they don’t have to pay for; they do it themselves. Similarly, a skillful mechanic can repair their car; a skillful plumber can work on their plumbing; a skillful electrician can handle their electric system; etc.

See, when you sharpen your skills, not only can you better serve your “clients,” but you also directly benefit from it: you can supply your own needs. Pass a certain skill level, you’re so proficient at what to do that it becomes economical for you to do your work. It’s just another incentive for you to focus on sharpening your skills.

My mom is a master at making clothes. Although tailoring wasn’t her primary career, her skill set was off the charts. Women would bring her magazine clippings of dresses they wanted, and Mom would recreate them sometimes based on a single picture. Needless to say, when she was invited to special events (such as weddings), she didn’t buy a dress; she made her own).

My wife is a skillful pastry chef. She doesn’t pay to have cakes made; she “designs” and assembles them herself. She has the skills; she maximizes them.

What skills must you develop to reach your goals? Your skills follow you; wherever you go, you bring your skills with you. When you invest in sharpening your skills, you reap the benefits.

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Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.