Are You a Complainer? The Real Answer May Surprise You

How many people do you know would describe themselves as complainers? Not many, I’m sure. Most people would swear that they are not complainers.

If I asked you, what would you say? Are you a complainer? Of course, you’re not. Well, let’s test you…

  • Do you complain about the weather?
  • Do you complain about political leaders?
  • Do you complain about the light changing red at the last second forcing you to hit the brakes?
  • Do you complain about how all the red lights are conspiring against you to make you late?
  • Do you complain about gas prices?
  • Do you complain about rush-hour traffic?
  • Do you complain about other drivers on the road?
  • Do you complain when your food order at the restaurant takes longer than you expected?
  • Do you complain about other complainers in your life?
  • Do you complain about how slow your computer or Internet connection is?
  • Do you complain about your cell phone bill?
  • Do you complain about all the noise your neighbors make?
  • Do you complain about your boss and co-workers?
  • Do you complain about the health care system?
  • Do you complain about how much taxes you have to pay?

Sooo… I ask again: Are you a complainer? It’s a rhetorical question. I’m teasing. The occasional complaining doesn’t necessarily mean you are a hardcore complainer. However, have you been guilty of useless complaining? I bet you have.

We should all realize that we complain more than we think and would like to admit.

Complaining doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t move us forward, nor does it change the situation. Complaining about the weather doesn’t make it change. Complaining about the red light doesn’t make it turn green. Complaining about other complainers doesn’t make them stop complaining.

Complaining about things we can’t change is futile. Complaining about things we can change is a waste of time, time that could be used to make a valuable contribution that would help make things better.

The next time you catch yourself complaining, whether you’re complaining about a situation, a person or a thing, determine if you can do something to make things better. If you can, stop complaining and act. If you can’t, let it go and move on.

Question: What do you do when you catch yourself complaining? You can leave a comment below.