Be Flexible With Your Plans

Developing a plan helps you work efficiently; it tells you where your time and energy should be allocated at any given moment so that you avoid waste. Setting out on your journey without a plan is an imprudent gamble. Like a reckless teenager entering the woods without a map and a compass, you risk getting lost and wasting precious time and energy.

When pursuing great goals, devising a plan is vital. Make it a habit of planning your work, your days, your projects, etc. Planning refines action and amplifies results.

The Plan Is At Your Service

Although planning is important, remember that your plan serves you, not the other way around: you’re not servile to your plan. It was created for you, not you for it. Thus, you don’t have to feel handcuffed by your plan.

Your plan isn’t a canonical document that is meant to remain static (i.e. set once and for all). It’s a dynamic document that’s meant to guide you and evolve as you progress. If it no longer matches your reality, change it.

The Plan Will Change

As you work on your goal, a number of things can happen along the way that requires you to adjust your plan. For instance:

– you may be exposed to new information;
– you may gain access to new tools, people, or resources;
– someone who was playing an important role in your plan may leave;
– you may face unforeseen events;
– you may get new ideas to improve your plan;
– you may be presented with new opportunities;
– etc.

So many situations can require that you revisit and adjust your plan.

Even the best plan usually requires amendments along the way. Don’t be surprised—or frustrated—when you have to amend yours. Moreover, you should proactively revise your plans regularly to ensure it still meets your needs.

Your journey demands that you be flexible and adjust your plans to match an ever-changing reality. Knowing when and how to change your plan is just as important than creating the plan in the first place. An outdated plan can be just as detrimental as a bad plan or as no plan at all.

Your situation evolves. Let your plans evolve with it.