Become Great

You’re designed to be great. I didn’t say, “You’re designed to be famous”. I didn’t say, “You’re designed to be rich”. I didn’t say, “You’re designed powerful and influential”.

You are designed to be great: to share the greatness that is in you.

You may not feel great now. You may be struggling to make ends meet. You may still be searching for your place in the world. Everything around you may be suggesting that you’re not that great.

But I can assure you: God has placed greatness inside you, and your greatness is meant to be shared. It’s a tragedy to die without ever sharing your greatness with the world. Your greatness must be expressed.

You need to know this. The road to true greatness is in serving others. You’re designed to serve and be a blessing to others. Your greatness is expressed when you commit to serving others to the best of your abilities.

In fact, you have talents and gifts and skills and abilities, and you become great when you use these to serve as many people as you can.

In the process, you may become famous, rich, powerful, or influential. But not necessarily; and most likely, not. These may come as a by-product, but they aren’t the goal.

The size of your social media following doesn’t define your greatness. That your name isn’t being dropped in public conversations doesn’t eliminate your greatness.

You don’t have to become a household name or a social media sensation to be great. You simply need a heart of service and the courage and compassion to put your hands into serving others. And that you have complete control on.

You have great potential and the world has great problems. Your potential, when used to make a positive difference, can be part of solving some of these problems. In fact, certain problems are opportunities for your potential to be released, and thus, for your greatness to be expressed.

You’re carrying “supplies”, and the world has needs. There’s a place where what you have to offer fits and can make a big difference.

How can you get out of your own way and help somebody else?

What has been holding you back from serving like you know you could (and you know you should)?

Do you have humanitarian causes at heart? How can you use your skills to advance those causes?

In short, how can you serve more?

You want to become great. Serve.