Belief Will Make You Overcome These Two Enemies to Your Dreams

Materializing a great vision demands belief. To do great work, you must believe in the work that you’re doing. To achieve your dreams, you must first believe. In fact, “belief” is at the root of everything significant you’re going to achieve in your life. Without belief, you won’t get very far.

In particular, “belief” will help you overcome two enemies that stand between you and your dreams.

1. Opposition

Every great journey brings its share of challenges that threaten to make you abort your mission. Unforeseen events arise to take you off course or make you lose your drive. But belief pushes you to press forth.

Naysayers launch smearing campaigns against you in hopes that you’re going to give up on your dreams. But belief puts earplugs on your ear, and you keep going despite the opposition. Despite the lack of support, your belief continues to drive you forward.

Sometimes, the challenges are so difficult that you begin to feel discouragement. But belief breathes a second wind on you, and you rise from your melancholy, wipe your tears, and continue your great journey.

Along the way, your resources may become so lean that you wonder whether you’re going to have enough to make it through. But belief infuses new hope into you no matter what you’re facing.

2. Fear

Any significant journey comes with its share of risk. Your great vision and ambitious goals demand that you step outside of your comfort zone and that you take a risk. It can be intimidating, and fear of failure can prevent you from ever taking action.

Also, the fear of “what people will say” can cause you to become timid about your dreams. Not wanting to get criticized and rejected, you can be tempted to scale down your vision or forget it altogether.

But belief handcuffs fear and pushes to take that step into the unknown (where you might fail). Comes what may, you resolve to embark on your great journey.

If you don’t believe in your vision, your goals, your dreams, you’re not ready to pursue them. Belief is a prerequisite for your journey.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.