How to Overcome the Perfection Syndrome – Part 3

Too many people, for fear of failure, hold back from pursuing their goals. It’s not that they don’t have goals; they do. But they are afraid that they won’t make through the journey. As a result, paralyzed, they never begin their journey. For fear that they might sink or get splashed, they keep their ship…

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How to Overcome the Perfection Syndrome – Part 2

Like many, I grew up admiring various athletes: Micheal Jordan, the king of the basketball court; “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky, the king of the hockey ring; Steffi Graf, the queen of the tennis court; “Iron” Mike Tyson, the king of the boxing ring; Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, the dynamic duo ruling the football…

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How to Overcome the Perfection Syndrome – Part 1

Let’s talk about perfection! Have you ever said one of the following statements: “I’ll start when the timing is right.” “Everyone I date has some sort of weird issue.” “I haven’t started working on the project because I still don’t have all the details.” “I haven’t shipped the product or finished the speech or published…

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3 Basic Rules of Engagement Every Thought Leader Must Live by

I spend quite a fair amount of time reading and listening to ideas from other thought leaders. Many of these ideas have had a profound impact on my life. Being a thought leader—someone who influences others by sharing ideas—is a privilege but also a great responsibility. It’s a privilege because thought leaders shape the minds…

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How to Follow a Straight Line to Your Goal: Achieve Your Goals Fast!

Straight Line

I learned in school that the shortest distance between two points is the straight line. Any detour, as slight as it may be, extends the time required to get from point A to point B. Goals are, in a sense, a journey from point A (the starting point) to point B (the point where the…

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