Collaborate to Create Great Work

Collaboration is a key element producing great work. If you can do everything on your own, perhaps, “The Work” may not be significant enough, or perhaps, you’re doing a slew of tasks you shouldn’t.

If you’re going to do great work, you can’t be a lone ranger and work in isolation, thinking you’re going to do everything by yourself. To do great work, you need the contribution of others.

Leverage the Various Skills

To build something great, you need a variety of “tools”, and although you may be extremely gifted, you don’t have all of them: you don’t have all the talents, skills, knowledge required to complete “The Work”. And life is too short for you to figure everything out by yourself. By the time, you learn all the skills and gather all the information you need to do “The Work”, you’re old and finished.

Collaboration gives you access to the “tools” others carry. And when you let them participate and make their contribution, you can achieve far more. Collaboration is a multiplier; when you leverage the experiences and expertise of others, you can achieve greater results than you could ever achieve on your own.

Leverage the Various Perspectives

One of the advantages of collaborating with others is leveraging the various perspectives that come to the table. If collaborators all looked at situations from the same angle, blind spots wouldn’t be covered.

Collaborating with people from various walks of life and with various perspectives provides you with a clearer picture of situations. Thus, when people are coming at “The Work” from a different perspective, you would be wise to pay attention; they may provide you with valuable information you would otherwise miss.

Don’t think you know it all. And don’t be offended when others see things from a different angle than yours. The various angles are contributing to making a better outcome.

Also, don’t be afraid to share your perspective. If you hold back, you’re robbing “The Work” of your best contribution. You have a unique contribution to make and to make it, you have to be bold and speak up. Your perspective must be shared to benefit “The Work”. If you don’t something will be missing from the puzzle (or it will take longer to find that piece).

Give the best of your perspective, as it might be the key that unlocks the door to greater results.

Give Your Best

For a collaboration to be beneficial, each collaborator must carry their weight and offer their best. As in sports, winning teams are composed of good players that give their best. When doing great work, each collaborator must commit to producing their best work. When everyone involved fulfills their duties with excellence, the whole benefits. And to do great work, it’s a must.

Always strive to fulfill your duties to the best of your abilities. And when a collaborator doesn’t carry their weight, call them out on it. But never let their performance serve as an alibi for you to slack off. Give your best. Always.

Doing great work is a team sport. Playing by yourself is far less fun than playing with great teammates, who can share your pains and victories. When you bring your gifts, perspectives, and abilities to the table and they bring theirs, you create great work.