Dare to Be Bold!

You are designed for success, destined for greatness. What you can accomplish in your lifetime is great; part of your potential is yet to be released. The greatest treasures God placed inside you are yet to be shared with the world.

That said, if you are to express your greatness, achieve all you see in your mind, and materialize your vision, you’ll need to be bold. Your vision won’t materialize simply because you wish it. You must go after your dreams like a lion after its prey. It won’t fall on your lap. And don’t expect anyone to hand you anything on a silver platter. You must dare to be bold and step into the unknown, risk being criticized, and stick-to-it in the face of opposition.

Let’s break this down.

1. Dare to Be A Risk-Taker

To live your dream, you must leave the safe shores of your comfort zone and launch into the unknown. You must dare to take a risk, and go to uncharted territories, places in life you have never been, and do things you have never done, things that are uncomfortable.

Yes, taking a risk means that you may fail. But as it was said, failure is not final. Failure is an opportunity for growth. In fact, the greatest lessons you learn in life come from “failures”. To reach a new level in your life, you must become someone new, and failure plays a big role in that. There’s life after failure.

2. Dare to be Talked About

When you go after your dreams and strive to let your greatness shine, people inevitably take notice, and begin to talk; some to support you, some to suppress you. Don’t allow that latter group to hold you hostage and force you to remain in the confinements of the norm and lack of originality. You’re not average. You are an “original”, and you must boldly express your originality. Some will receive what you offer, some won’t. But don’t let negative criticism hold you back. Be bold and let the world benefit from your treasures.

3. Dare to be Tenacious

On your journey, you’ll face challenges and experience setbacks, but as a bulldog that refuses to be deterred, you must boldly press forth. The journey is not always easy but it’s worth it. When the winds of opposition blow against you, you may be tempted to abort mission and retreat into dark prison walls of mediocrity and complacency. Don’t. When everything in you wants to give up, you must take one more step forward and another and another. Great results demand great resolve! Dare to be tenacious.

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Your time has come to step boldly into your purpose and share your greatness with the world. Fear will stand in your way, but you can overcome it by daring to consistently take steps forward: dare to a risk-taker, dare to be talked about, and dare to be tenacious. Courageously, be who you are created to be. Dare to be bold!

Question: What has been holding you back from pursuing your God-given dreams boldly?