Disciplines You Must Develop to Achieve Remarkable Results – Part 10

This is the final posts of this series on the disciplines you must develop to achieve remarkable results. In this series, I have presented the key disciplines you must adopt if you want to skyrocket your results.

In this last post, I offer a quick survey of the land we’ve covered together.

The first discipline is the discipline of setting clear targets for yourself. In other words, you must establish your goals: define what you want. You can roam around in life and expect to achieve remarkable results. You must be intentional about your direction in life.

The second discipline is the discipline of taking action. Once you know where you’re going (i.e., your targets), you must discipline yourself to act on them. Nothing happens without consistent action.

The third discipline is the discipline of time management. That is, to achieve remarkable results, you must manage your time effectively and ensure you avoid distraction and focus your efforts on high-value activities.

The fourth discipline is the discipline of finishing what you start. Without that discipline, you never achieve anything significant because all your goals are left half-done. To achieve remarkable results, you must discipline yourself to finish what you start.

The fifth discipline is the discipline of sharpening your skills. The sharper your skills, the more you can accomplish and faster. On the journey towards remarkable results, you never stop honing your skills and acquiring new ones. Continuous growth is essential to your journey.

The sixth discipline is the discipline mastering your habits. You are what you repeatedly do (i.e., your habits). Habits lead to results, good or bad. To achieve remarkable results, you need remarkable habits. And to develop these habits demands strict discipline.

The seventh discipline is the discipline of associating with the right people. Whom you associate with matters; it affects your results. Again here, you must be intentional about whom you spend your time with, as it will affect your ability to reach your goals.

The eighth discipline is the discipline of thinking empowering thoughts. Achieving remarkable results, to a great extent, is a mental game. To reach your goals, you must master what goes on between your two ears. Managing your thoughts can be quite a challenge. It requires discipline.

Finally, the ninth discipline is the discipline of keeping your commitment (to others and yourself). Once you commit, you must discipline yourself to follow through. It’s the only way you’re going to reach your goals. Remarkable results require remarkable resolve.

As I stressed through this series, discipline is the key that unlocks the door to remarkable results. You’re no exception: to reach your great goals, you need discipline.

Like the story of the Hare and the Tortoise, where the “steady” Tortoise wins the race against the “talented” Hare, the disciplined always outperform the talented. And if you marry talent and discipline, you become unstoppable. Surely, you’ll achieve remarkable results.

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