Disciplines You Must Develop to Achieve Remarkable Results – Part 3

Without discipline, you’re very unlikely to achieve remarkable results. Discipline is a catalyst for great results.

In this series of posts, I cover specific disciplines you must develop to achieve remarkable results. In the first post, I touched on the discipline of setting clear targets. In the second post, I presented the discipline of managing your time effectively.

The third discipline you must develop to achieve remarkable results is the discipline of taking action. No action, no results. It’s that simple. Remarkable results demand massive action. When you set a target, the only way to reach it is by taking action.

People who achieve remarkable results take action. They don’t merely desire a result; they go after it. Results are achieved when action is taken. They don’t expect things to be handed on a silver platter. They’re proactive and have a bias to make things happen. They know they’re responsible for their results and they must act to achieve them. If it’s going to be, it’s up to them.

Procrastination is the enemy of results. When you procrastinate, you get nothing. Most people have lofty goals, but few take the necessary actions to reach them. To achieve your goals, you don’t have a choice; you must take action.

Procrastination or action, that is the question. At any given time, you have a decision to make: will you procrastinate or will you act? Procrastination leads to regret, action to results.

Consistent action is a prerequisite to achieving remarkable results. You can’t take action when you feel like it only and expect to accomplish your goals any time soon. When you wait for “the feeling” to take action, you don’t get much done. The discipline of action means that you don’t wait for “the feeling” to act. You do what you must whether or not you feel like it.

You want to achieve remarkable results, but are you ready to act accordingly? Your actions must match your ambitions, otherwise, you’re deceiving yourself. “Action” is the vehicle that takes you to your desired result.

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Vladimir Elie

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