Disciplines You Must Develop to Achieve Remarkable Results – Part 4

In baseball, you score points when a player goes around all the bases and returns to “home” base; that is, the player must step on first, second, third, and come home to fourth base. If a player stays on first, second, or third base, it doesn’t mean much; it doesn’t add points for the team.

To score, players must complete the entire diamond and get to the fourth base. It doesn’t matter how many players made it to first, second, or third base; all that matters is the number of players that made it to fourth base.

Likewise, leaving your projects and your tasks, on first, second, or third base—as in partially completed—doesn’t mean much when it comes to achieving remarkable results.

It matters less what you start; it matters more what you finish. To achieve remarkable results, you must develop the discipline of finishing what you start.

Starting the journey is only half of the battle; you must also press on until you reach your destination. Great results demand great resolve. The journey to remarkable results isn’t an easy one. You must commit to your goal and refuse to be denied.

If you cultivate the habit of quitting when the going gets tough, you’ll never reach your great goals. You must discipline yourself to stay the course even in the face of opposition and obstacles. The journey tests your commitment. The journey is for those who endure.

To reach your destination, you must focus until you reach the finish line. You can’t get distracted by the new, shiny object; there are always distractions that will seek to take you off course and prevent you from finishing y our journey. Without focus and determination to finish what you start, you’ll never accomplish anything great.

Many people start the journey, but few people finish. With excitement, they begin their journey toward their great goal, but they fail to reach fourth base. Because of this, they accomplish far less than they could. Not only must you start; you must also finish.

People who achieve remarkable results discipline themselves to finish what they start. Not that they finish every single thing they start, but they don’t make it a habit of leaving things half-done. If something is worth starting, it’s worth finishing.

If you want to do great work and achieve remarkable results, you must get into the habit of finishing what you start.

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Vladimir Elie

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