Disciplines You Must Develop to Achieve Remarkable Results – Part 7

Up until this point in this series, the disciplines I’ve covered focused primarily on you. In fact, you could hide in a desert island and discipline yourself to set clear targets, take action on your goals, manage your time effectively, finish what you start, work at sharpening your skills, and master your habits. All these disciplines mainly involve only you.

However, the journey towards remarkable results isn’t a solitary journey. You don’t have to travel alone. In fact, you can’t make it alone.

You must realize this. To achieve remarkable results, you’ll need to connect with others. More specifically, you’ll need to be disciplined in associating with the right people. You can’t just associate with anyone and expect you to achieve remarkable results.

Your associations make or break you. You must develop the discipline of selecting your associations wisely.

At a high level, when it comes to achieving remarkable results, there are four types of people you have to associate with: mentors; mentees; peers; and partners.

Your mentors are people who pour into you. These are people who have traveled the journey before you, and now they can turn to you and provide with expert advice and continued support to make your journey that much smoother. You don’t have to learn everything by yourself. You can leverage the experience and expertise of others who have gone before you.

Your mentees are people you’re pouring into. These are people who are a few steps behind you and that you’re helping along their journey to their remarkable results. It’s well-known that the teacher learns just as much as the student. When you share your knowledge with others, not only do they benefit, but you benefit as well.

Your peers are people who seek to achieve results similar to those you aspire to achieve. For example, if you’re an entrepreneur trying to build a successful business, your peers would be other entrepreneurs who are also trying to build a successful business. Associating with the right peers can provide you the insight and inspiration you need.

Finally, your partners are people who are working with you to help you achieve your desired results. For example, these would be people who are working with you on building your successful business: your team. The partners you associate with directly impact your goals. A single unreliable partner can significantly hinder your progress.

Perhaps some of your current associations reflect your past but are unfit for your future. To achieve remarkable results, you must develop the discipline of associating with the right people.

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Vladimir Elie

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