Disciplines You Must Develop to Achieve Remarkable Results – Part 8

To help you start your year strong, I’ve been challenging you to increase your level of discipline in very specific areas. More specifically, I’ve been examining specific disciplines you must develop to achieve remarkable results. So far, I have presented 7 of these disciplines:

All of these disciplines are essential for your journey to achieving remarkable results. By presenting these disciplines, I aim to equip you for the journey that is set before you. If you get a hold of these, you’ll know exactly where your attention should be placed and your energy invested.

In addition to the disciplines listed above, another discipline you must develop to achieve remarkable results is the discipline of thinking empowering thoughts.

Your results in life are a reflection of your thoughts. And achieving remarkable results is, to a great extent, a mind game.

People who achieve remarkable results think differently. They master what goes on between their two ears. They refuse to let their thoughts go wild and let negative thinking take over their mind; they realize that, if left loosed, negative thoughts will sabotage their journey toward their great goals. In their area of achievement, they’ve mastered their mindset.

Notably, these people speak to themselves in an empowering. It’s not that they don’t struggle with the accusatory and derogatory voice within; it’s that they discipline themselves and prevent that voice to run wild and take over their mind. They master their self-talk.

Your thoughts are powerful and they’re extremely important to your success. If you don’t discipline them, sooner or later, they’ll jeopardize your chance of success: either you’ll never reach your ambitious goals or if you do reach your pinnacle, you won’t be able to sustain your success for very long. Because of your weak mindset, you’ll crack under the pressure.

Great results require great thoughts. Your mindset must correspond to your desired results. You must think thoughts that match the level of the results you desire.
The greater the results you want, the stronger your mindset must be.

To cultivate your thought life, you must heed the content you consume. In a sense, you are what you consume. Feed your mind empowering information.

Also, to ensure your thoughts remain positive, you must master your self-talk. You can’t afford to speak to yourself in a disempowering way.

Your thought life is extremely important to your success. To achieve remarkable results, you must develop the discipline of thinking empowering thoughts.

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Vladimir Elie

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