Don’t Confuse Having A Positive Attitude With This — Part 5

A couple of years ago, I arrived at work a morning, and a new system had been installed on the office’s computers. When I accessed my account, I could tell after a few minutes that it was an ineffective system.

To better understand the system and confirm that my understanding was correct, I asked questions to our superuser.

While I was asking my questions, a colleague came and said to me, “Don’t be negative!”, as if asking questions and concluding that it was an effective system meant I was being negative.

I was a bit puzzled. I’m not above being reprimanded, but in this case, I felt it was unfair. Anyhow, I didn’t give her a hard time for that comment and proceeded with my work.

In the next 20 minutes after I was done asking my questions, at least 6 people, unable to make sense of the new system, came asking me some of the same questions I was asking the superuser. Because I had asked my questions, I could at least guide them.

In the end, pretty much everyone—including the colleague who made the comment—concluded that it wasn’t the most effective system. The system was upgraded later.

Wanting to be positive, some try to ignore unpleasant facts. Afraid to be perceived as negative, they shut their eyes to the fact that a system is ineffective or that an employee isn’t meeting the company’s benchmarks or that an apple is rotten, etc.

Don’t confuse positivity with ignoring the facts.

If you’re at a picnic and it begins to rain, acknowledging that it’s raining doesn’t make you a negative thinker. You’re simply stating a fact—not the most pleasant fact perhaps—but still a fact.

If your marriage has hit rock bottom, pretending that “all is well” doesn’t help you save your relationship. It’s an unpleasant reality but still a reality. And you must deal with it.

Like, if your business is sinking, ignoring the facts won’t help you bring it back to surface.

A positive attitude influences the way you react to facts but doesn’t close your eyes to them.

There’s nothing positive about ignoring the facts. Acknowledging the facts is an important step in solving problems, resolving issues, and fostering positive change in your life.

Ignoring problems and issues doesn’t make them disappear.

Having a positive attitude doesn’t require that you bury your head in the sand and ignore the unpleasant realities of life. Having a positive attitude means you face your challenges and solve your problems.

A positive attitude means you don’t complain about the facts but deal with them. With a positive attitude, problems are opportunities: opportunities to exercise your creativity, opportunities to tap into your resourcefulness, opportunities to find solutions.