Eat That Elephant (Great Goal) Once and for All

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you write a book? One word at a time. How do you learn a piano piece? One beat at a time. How do you achieve a great goal? One step at a time.

If you don’t take a bite, you don’t eat the elephant. If you don’t write a word, you don’t write the book. If you don’t learn a beat, you don’t learn the piano piece. If you don’t take a step, you don’t reach your goal.

1. Begin

Many people want to eat an elephant—so to speak—but never take the first bite. They look at the elephant, study it, dream about, talk about it, take “selfies” with it, but never take a piece of it.

You can’t reach your destination if you don’t launch on the journey. You can’t achieve your desired result if you don’t begin the work. Unless you begin, there’s no hope. The sooner you begin, the sooner you finish.

What have you been postponing but know you should start? An exercise program? A book? A business? Whatever it is, begin.

2. Be Consistent

Of those who have started eating the elephant, many have taken more than they can chew. They take too big of a piece and then stop because they are too overwhelmed.

If you take on too much, you get stressed. And this can paralyze you. Worst, you can burn out. The secret isn’t taking big bites. The secret is taking consistent bites.

Consistency is essential. If you keep putting words on the page consistently, you’ll eventually have enough words for your book. If you take consistent steps forward, you’ll eventually reach your destination.

3. Stay Focused

Many start eating the elephant but get distracted by other “elephants”. They take a few bites of many elephants but never eat one completely. Thus, they have multiple “half-eaten” projects in their lives.

To reach your goal, you must stay focused on your goal until the end. Many other glittering goals will try to sway you from your main goal, but you must resist their appeal and stay the course.

Accomplishing a great goal demands that you remain laser-focused on it until it’s completed. This can be challenging, especially when you have many goals you want to achieve. Be disciplined.

4. Persist

Eating an elephant is hard. When people start eating an “elephant”, they intend to finish the job. Few do though; great goals demand great persistence.

Achieving a great goal is hard. You face many challenges and setbacks. The journey tests your commitment to your goal. “Resistance” stands in your way and shouts, “How bad do you want it?”

To reach your goal, you must persist and refuse to be denied.

Begin your “meal”, and the sooner, the better; keep taking bites, consistently, and they don’t have to be big bites (only consistent); stay focused, even when tempted to eat other “dishes”; and persist, refusing to stop taking bites. At the most basic level, that’s how you’ll eat your elephant.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.