Fired Up: How to Stay Motivated – Part 2

When you go to the gym and workout, you know that there’s a type of music that boost your energy and drives you to push harder. If you put on another type of music–say a lullaby, you feel ?ike sleeping. Music affects your drive to action.

Similarly, when you listen to motivational recordings or inspirational stories (e.g. someone who overcame all odds to achieve their goal), you’re stirred to action; the right messages inspire you to rise to the occasion.

The right picture will produce a similar effect. For instance, if you have a goal of losing 50 lbs, seeing a picture of yourself laying on a hospital bed may be alll you need to stir you to action.

That’s the idea behind vision boards. You post pictures of the experiences you’d like to make and the things you wish to accomplish. And you look at your board regularly to keep your dreams fresh in mind and keep your drive to achieve them alive.

If you hang with lazy people, unmotivated people, it will inevitably affect your drive and motivation. Associate with driven people, who pursue great goals. Their motivation will rub on you.

The people you look up to can be a powerful source of motivation. Seeing others climbing their mountain can be a great source of motivation for you. Having great models can motivate you to step up your own game.

If you read the paragraphs above again, you’ll see that I touched on motivational music, messages, pictures as well as your surroundings, your models. What do all these things have in common? They’re all external sources of motivation.

In fact, external factors affect your level of motivation. In other words, your environment and connections can help you stay motivated or hinder your efforts.

To stay motivated, you must pay close attention to the information you let in through your sense, i.e. what you listen to, what you watch, who you converse with.


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