Fired Up: How to Stay Motivated – Part 3

In my previous post, I touched on external factors of motivation: external stimuli, such as music, pictures, other people, that affect your level of motivation. These things get you fired up from the outside in.

In this post, I focus on internal factors of motivation: internal stimuli that get you fired up from the inside out.

Internal factors of motivation are powerful; they light up a fire in your soul and stimulate you to action, regardless of what is going on outside. They don’t depend on your surroundings; they come from within.


You have a meaningful contribution to offer the world. Understanding that you’re here for a reason and committing to your purpose fire you up from within. Fulfilling your purpose becomes a driving force that propels you forward. People who find their purpose don’t need to get pumped to do what they must. Their purpose compels them.


You have been endowed with great gifts and talents and you have a responsibility to maximize them and use them to serve others. Potential also means responsibility; you must work with what you’ve been given to add value to people’s lives and help make the world a better place. That sense of responsibility can be a powerful motivator that drives you to give your best in whatever you do.


Passion lies at the intersection of purpose and potential. When you find your area of passion, where work doesn’t feel like work, you no longer need to get pumped to take action; you must. No one has to pump or pay you. You just must perform. When you find your area of passion—and I don’t mean self-serving area(s), but an area(s) that add value to others—you’ve found a great source of internal motivation.

Understand your purpose, seek to maximize your potential, and work in your passion, and your well of motivation will never run dry.

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Vladimir Elie

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