Fired Up: How to Stay Motivated – Part 7

We have come at the end of this series on motivation. As stated many times in the past posts, motivation is an important factor that affects your ability to reach your goals and achieve your dreams.

Many people have lofty goals and dreams, but for lack of motivation, never pursue or reach them. Sometimes, they even have the know-how. But they simply can’t get themselves to take action and persevere until they reach their destination.

In this last post of this series, I want to touch on perhaps the greatest source of motivation. If you understand this “key”, it will fire you up—or at least make you aware of how valuable each moment is. This key will pour gasoline on the fire of your motivation and propel you forward.

What is that key? Here it is: You’re not here forever. Your time is counted. You have but a few years to fulfill your purpose and share your potential. You’re in a race against the clock. You have a sliver of time to make your contribution and then you’re gone.

One day, people will refer to you in past tense. Every moment you waste is gone forever. Thus, you must make your contribution now. You simply can’t afford to waste any time anymore.

Furthermore, you may not always have the same level of energy and health. While you’re healthy and vibrant, you should strive to put your efforts on meaningful activities.

You don’t want to get at the end of your journey and have regrets: the regret of never trying; the regret of never pursuing your dreams; the regret of staying on the safe shores of your comfort zone instead of launching into the deep sea of possibilities; the regret of playing it safe when you could have taken greater risk; the regret of selling out for the paycheck of your “safe, secure” job; the regret of dying with all your treasures still lockdown in the basement of your soul.

This doesn’t have to be your story. Day after day, you can act in a way that you’re happy with your results.

Life is short, but it’s long enough for you to make a difference. And this is a powerful driving force.

Your life is precious. Make the most of every moment.

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Vladimir Elie

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