Food for Thought: Never Work Again

When your work energizes you, you’ve found your place of fulfillment. And if you have a modicum of talent, you’ve hit a home run because you’re able to reach unprecedented levels of excellence. Not only is your work fulfilling and rewarding, it adds great value to the lives of the people you serve.

The world offers so many opportunities that, if you truly want it, you can find that “sweet spot”, where your talents, skills, and interests meet the needs of the market (and you can get a generous compensation for what you do).

Build your career around an activity you would perform for free and you’ll never have to work another day in your life: you’re working, but it just doesn’t feel like work. When you find that line of work where “work” isn’t “work”, you’ve hit the jackpot.

That’s where you want to be: the place where performing the activities of your work is a reward in itself, as in, it’s a privilege, a blessing; the place where you don’t feel that you HAVE to work but that you GET to work.

Climbing the mountain of success demands a lot of sacrifices, too many for you to survive doing activities you hate (simply for the financial compensation). Seek to climb the right mountain for you: the mountain that lights you up; the mountain that invades your dreams at night; the mountain that puts a sparkle in your eye and a swing in your step; the mountain that stirs your passion. That’s the mountain you should seek to climb.

For practical reasons, you may still need to keep your day job, while you figure out and prepare for your next career move. Maximize your time in your current situation, as what you learn may serve you when you find “your place”. If anything, you’ll learn how to give your best even when placed in a less than ideal situation.

However, begin your journey towards “your place” today—even if only by taking baby steps forward. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t await perfect conditions before getting started; there are none. Wherever you are, start. Do something. Do anything that moves you forward in the direction of “your work”.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.