Goal Setting: A Simple Formula

Goal setting doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, I believe goal setting should quite simple and easy. The hard part isn’t setting the goal; it’s achieving the goal—and that’s really where the rubber meets the road. Thus, most of your time and energy shouldn’t be invested in setting the goal, but in achieving it.

Setting the goal is just one small step in your journey to achieving the goal, and this step should be simple. The simple formula I’m about to share is simple but effective; it will help you set clear goals fast.

The clearer your target, the easier you make it on yourself to hit it. It’s harder to hit the bull’s eye on a fuzzy target.

Here is my simple goal-setting formula:

  • I (want to) “X” by “Y” so I “Z” (The text “want to”, in parentheses, is optional; it helps you understand the formula, but once you’ve understood it, you can remove that part if you “want to”).

“X” is your desired result. Your desired result is your target: you want to lose 50 lbs; you want to save $1000; you want to read 50 books; you want to write a book.

“Y” is your deadline. This is your timeline for your goal. Establishing deadlines is an art: you need to give yourself enough time to achieve the goal but not too much time that you’re not as effective as you can be. If you’re to err one way, you should err on the side of a shorter deadline rather than a longer one. To appreciate the power of a shorter deadline, you simply need to remember how effective you were in the days preceding the deadline to hand in a term paper in school.

“Z” is your reason for the goal. This is your “Why”. Why is that goal important to you? I add this part because your “Why” fuels you to reach your goal. It drives you in hard times. You can have as many reasons as you want. The important thing is that those reasons must be meaningful, otherwise, they’ll have very little driving power.

Here is the formula again in another form:

  • I (want to) Result X by Deadline Y so that Reason Z

Got it?

Here are few simple examples:

  • I (want to) weigh 180 lbs by 27 October 2017 so I can be at my healthy weight.
  • I lose 15 lbs by 14 July 2017 so I can fit in my wedding dress.
  • I pay off my debt of $5000 by 31 Dec 2017 so I can be in a stable financial state.
  • I workout 3 times a week by 30 Sept 2017 so I increase my level of energy and the vibrancy of my health
  • I publish my first book by 31 August so I can help more people with my message, insights, and experiences

Your turn…