Goals Are Worthless…

You have great goals and want to do great things in the world. You aspire to:

  • build a great business
  • record music albums
  • write captivating and inspiring stories
  • play professional football
  • build schools in third-world countries
  • create entertaining and moving motion pictures
  • etc.

All these are great goals, but they are worthless—if you’re not going to do the work required to reach them.

Yes, work!

Too many people talk about what they’d liked to do, what they wish to do, what they want to do. But they don’t DO. They talk a big game but don’t go on the field and sweat.

They see someone else doing what they aspire to do and they daydream about doing the same, but they never begin the journey by taking necessary action steps to materialize that dream.

They envy the other person’s “glory”, but don’t investigate his or her “story”; if they did, they would see that it’s a story filled with blood, sweat, tears. They contemplate the fruits, but forget that strength is in the roots and that those roots have grown deeper through hard work.

You want to talk a big game. Fine. Execute big: take action; massive action; consistent action, even when it’s tough and you don’t feel like it. Let your work match your words.

Many people have similar goals and dreams, but it’s the people who do the work who reach them. The people who move from intention to execution are the ones who cross the finish line.

“Action” is where the rubber meets the road. “Action” is your accelerator pedal: you must press on it to get from your intention (your starting point) to completion (your destination).

“Intention” is good, but it doesn’t mean much without execution.

You want to lose 30 pounds to regain your healthy weight. This is great. However, nothing will happen until you drop the chocolate bars and get on the treadmill. You want to write a book. This is great. However, the page will remain blank until you drop your TV remote control and grab pen and paper and begin to do the work. You want to become a virtuoso musician… You must practice, practice, and practice your scales and arpeggios…

Does the work of your hands match the dream in your heart?

Do your daily actions match your big intentions?

If you have small goals, you might be able to get away with doing little work. But if you have big goals, and I know you do, you’ll have to work hard—and smart.

Work. Work. Work.