Goals: Where Are You Sailing to?

It matters less where you’ve been. It matters most where you’re going.

Your past may have been far from what you would have desired. In fact, it may have been painful, even traumatic at times. You may have sailed through many severe storms and suffered many losses.

Conversely, your past may have been filled with glorious moments and great achievements. You may have conquered many challenges and sailed to many incredible lands.

Most likely, your past has been a mix of the gloomy and the glorious.

Gloomy or glorious, your past is gone. Where you go from here is what matters most. And goals allow you to set your sail towards your desired destination. They provide you with an opportunity to chart your future. They grant you a measure of control as to the direction of your life.

Even if your past was filled with desolation, you can set goals that will lead you to new, delightful destinations. You’re not a victim of your past or current circumstances. You don’t have to stay stuck in your current situation. You don’t have to stay parked in your reality. You can make a change if you choose to. As a human, you have, from birth, the appropriate license to decide the direction of your sail.

Thus, if you’re not happy with the current direction of your life, you can change your course by setting new goals that push you in a more desirable direction.

Pursuing goals prevents you from roaming around aimlessly in life. Goals are a line of defense against the whims of life. In fact, when you set a goal and thus decide the direction of your sail, you declare to the world that you’ve chosen a destination and thus refuse to be tossed to and fro by the winds of life.

Forsaking other options, you set sail towards your promise land.

And because you know where you’re going, because your goal designates your bull-eye, you have a point of reference to determine when you’re going off course. And when you notice that you’re deviating from your target, you can take corrective measures to get back on track before you get too far off. And as you take steps towards your goals you get closer and closer from the new world.

Goals give you the opportunity to set your sail. This is both a privilege and a responsibility. It’s a privilege because you get the option to choose. It’s a responsibility because you’re accountable for your choice. Thus, you must choose wisely; good or bad, you’ll have to live with the consequences of your decisions. However, you can always adjust your sail.

Where are you sailing to?