Happy 2016—An Exceptional Year!

An Exceptional Year

First things first: Happy New Year! I trust that 2016 will be a remarkable year!

2015 had its share of joys, memorable moments, and enriching experiences but it also had challenges, setbacks, and heart-wrenching moments.

On many occasions in 2015, I had to wear my black suit to attend the home-going service of a beloved who passed. I joined my voice with that of friends and family to celebrate the life of our beloved and thank God for them. And although I no longer enjoy their physical presence, I carry their memory in my heart.

Life is a precious gift, and every January 1st we get to see is a blessing. We have crossed over into 2016, and this is an amazing grace. Let’s strive to make the most of this year. 2016, an exceptional year!

No more average years; you had your share of these. From this point on, starting in 2016, your years will be exceptional. Nothing less; you’re not average. You’re gifted, ingenious in your own unique way, and highly motivated.

By focusing on the following three areas, you’ll be well on your way:

1. Your Contribution: As I said, you are gifted and ingenious. Therefore, you have a valuable contribution to make, and you must be intentional about making it. This year, challenge yourself to contribute greatly to the lives of the people and the organizations you serve. In the next few days, take a moment to reflect on how you intend to make an effective contribution this year. Dream big. Set challenging goals. Stretch yourself. Hold yourself to high standards.

2. Your Connections: Life is about relationships, and we must cherish those we have. As you plan your year, remember to consider that your relationships need the brightness of your presence to flourish. How are you going to foster deeper, healthier relationships this year? If you are in a loving relationship, what will you do to ensure that your relationship grows stronger this year? How about your relationship with your kids? Your family members? Your friends?

3. Your Conservation: How are you going to take care of yourself and ensure that you grow this year? Life gets busy sometimes. Despite the busyness, don’t neglect “you”. You must take care of you, at all levels: body, mind, and spirit. Commit to your personal growth: eat better, exercise more, read empowering literature, pray, meditate, etc. It’s time to develop the personal growth habits you already know you should have.

The page is now turned on 2015. Savour and internalize your 2015 successes and learn the lessons from the blows that hit you. No matter what happened in 2015—good or bad—2016 will be greater and better. It will be exceptional!

Happy 2016!