How Habits and Goals Work Together

Goals establish your desired outcomes. They set your destination. It turns out that habits are drivers that lead you to a predetermined destination—almost on autopilot. Therefore, if you can connect a goal to specific habits, you can facilitate your journey.

In fact, when setting a goal, among other things, you must identify the habits you need for the journey. Once you’ve identified those habits, you must adopt and cultivate them so that the behavior becomes second nature. By doing this, you enlist the help of powerful “drivers.”

For example, if you set the goal of buying your first home in two years, you know you’ll have to adopt the habit of saving a portion of your income. By developing that habit, you ensure you’ll accumulate enough money to put a down payment on the house when the time to buy comes. However, if you omit to develop that habit, purchasing a home becomes nothing more than a distant fantasy; you never assemble the money you need.

Most ambitious goals you pursue come with corresponding habits. Whether you set financial goals, educational goals, spiritual goals, business goals, organizational goals, or physical goals, you should identify the habits that would support your journey. And when you know which habits you need for your journey, you would be wise to cultivate them diligently.

To identify the habits you need, you can consult (or at least observe) someone who is ahead of you on the journey you seek to travel. Leveraging the experience and expertise of others who are ahead of you help you accelerate your journey.

Of course, the success of your goals doesn’t depend solely on your habits (e.g., it may depend on your connections, your resources, your timing, and many other factors). However, your habits play a vital role. And if you can figure that piece out, it’s to your advantage.

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Vladimir Elie

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