How Make Sure Your Life Doesn’t Stagnate

If you don’t move your muscles for an extended period, they begin to stiffen. For example, if you sit in the same position for some time, when you try to get up, your legs hurt, and it takes about a minute for your muscles to “wake up.” Your muscles must move, and if you don’t use them, they atrophy.

What’s true of your muscles is also true of your mind, talents, abilities, and potential. Whether physically or mentally, you’re not meant to indulge in idleness. You must remain active.

You must keep your mind stimulated by continuous learning and challenging it to grow. You must develop your talents and never stop perfecting them. You must sharpen your skills and abilities. You must continually tap into your potential and use it to make a difference in the world.

You’re not designed for complacency but productivity. You’re not conceived for mediocrity but excellence. You’re not meant to stagnate but grow.

When you allow yourself to become complacent, when you settle for mediocrity, and when stagnate, your life begins to “stiffen.” You must remain active. That is, you must continually push yourself to grow. You can’t afford to stop challenging yourself, challenge yourself. You must continue to pursue ambitious goals and to deploy your potential.

As you’re responsible for keeping your muscle lean and strong, you’re responsible for keeping your mind and skills sharp.

To ensure your life never stagnates, you need three main things: decision, discipline, and determination.

It all begins with decisions: the decision to embark (and remain) on the journey of personal growth: the decision to cultivate your mind; the decision to serve others to the best of your abilities; the decision to maximize your potential and use it to make a positive difference in the world; etc.

Then, you must discipline yourself to do the required work. Good intentions aren’t enough to keep your muscles going; you must take consistent action. You can’t start and stop and start and stop. Consistency is a must. With it, little by little, you build momentum and become unstoppable.

Finally, you need determination; the headwinds against you are strong, and you must show great resolve if you’re to press forward. So many forces are conspiring against you to make you beat a retreat and lock you down in the land of complacency. But determination drives you to dig deep and tap into your inner resources to overcome and continue your journey to excellence.

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