How to Achieve Great Results Leveraging the Law of the Land – Part 3

In this series, I’ve been highlighting principles from the law of the land. These principles, when applied, can help you in your pursuit of great goals and remarkable results.

In part 1 of this series, I touched on the principle of work. Like tending a field, achieving great results is hard work. Nothing significant is accomplished without work. Thus, to reap remarkable results in your life, you must sow hard work.

In part 2, I stressed the importance of clarity. You can plant many seeds in the field of your life, and your results will depend on the seeds you sow. Thus, make sure you’re clear as to the results you want, and plant the corresponding seeds.

In this post, I touch on the principle of consistency.

Cultivating a garden require consistency. Every day, you must perform a variety of activities to nurture your garden, lest it withers.

When you plant seeds, you can’t pour a month’s worth of water on them and do nothing for the rest of the month, and expect your seeds to grow. You’ll probably drown your plants.
Every day, you must show up and perform the work. Consistency is an essential key to cultivating a lush garden.

You can’t do a week’s worth of exercises at the gym and do nothing for the rest of the week, and expect to build muscle; you’ll end up with torn muscles, a broken back, and spring ankles. For best results, you must train regularly.

No one in their right mind would think they can train 24/7 the week before the Olympics and expect to win in their discipline. Preparing for that level of results takes years of consistent practice and hard work.
Brick by brick, the magnificent building is erected. Step by step, the memorable journey is traveled. Day by day, great results are achieved. It’s the accumulation of all the little efforts that lead to the successful outcome.

You aspire to reach an ambitious goal and achieve remarkable results; you must become intentional about staying consistent in your work.

Many distractions will attempt to set you off course. For instance, you get insistent calls from purposeless people who have a lot of time on their hands. They’ll want you to come slouch on the couch with them, watching the latest “reality show.” You must guard your time and energy and ensure that it’s invested in your great goal consistently.

At times, you won’t feel like doing the work; you’d prefer to squander your time. If you want to “crop” to grow, you can’t afford to slack off and only work when you feel like it. You must commit to your goal and show up consistently—even when you don’t feel like it.

Achieving remarkable results requires consistency. Consistency builds momentum. And momentum skyrockets results.

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