How to Achieve Great Results Leveraging the Law of the Land – Part 4

Deciding to sow seeds is an act of faith. You plant them and hope that they will grow and produce their “fruit.” However, because you can’t predict the future, you get no guarantee you’ll reap a harvest.

For instance, you don’t know that a drought will hit your region, or that your field will get flooded because of an abundant downpour, or that wildfires will destroy your harvest.

In the previous posts of this series, I’ve presented three principles essential to achieving great results: the principle of work, the principle of clarity, and the principle of consistency. These are all things you control: you discipline yourself to work diligently at achieving a meaningful result.

However, like taking care of a field, despite your best intention and efforts, you don’t control every aspect of your goal.

You can’t predict all that will happen along the way. You have no assurance that you’re going to make it to your destination.

Sowing seed means taking a risk. It’s a calculated risk because you’re operating in alignment with the law of the land (and the principle of sowing and reaping). Thus, if you plant and tend to your seeds, you should eventually reap your harvest. But you must take the risk of planting your seed and cultivating it, hoping that you’ll reap your harvest.

The law of the land requires that you have faith: you sow and nurture something small in hopes of reaping something great.

If you want to achieve great results, you must apply the principle of faith: you must take the risk of beginning your journey (without the certainty of finishing it). Driven by an unshakeable belief in your goal, you must leave the safe sores of your comfort zone and launch on your journey. You can’t wait for all the conditions to be perfect. Yes, unforeseen events can emerge and impede your progress and jeopardize your journey. Yes, there’s a risk that you may fail. But if you refuse to take a risk, you don’t even get a shot at reaching your goal and achieving remarkable results.

Often, great results require great risk. Have faith that, if you do your part, in due time, you’ll reap your harvest.

If you want to achieve great results, you’re going to have to leave the safe shore of your comfort zone and take a risk. When you launch, you may not have everything figure out. Your responsibility is to do your due diligence by preparing for your journey. And then you launch. Once you launch, you have to roll with the punches.

You are resourceful. You are creative. You’re a problem solver. You can figure things out. In the end, it’s your commitment to your goal that will carry you through. You’ll rise above the challenges and obstacles and opposition and reach your destination. But you must begin by faith.

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