How to Achieve Great Results Leveraging the Law of the Land – Part 5

We can learn a lot about life by observing nature and studying the laws that govern it. These laws help us grasp various principles that affect our lives, and by learning them, we can leverage them to serve our purpose—just as we leverage natural laws.

In this series, I’ve been focusing on the law of the land (i.e., principles that govern plants, trees, vegetation, and life in the field). I’ve presented general principles that affect the work of farmers and others that cultivate some plant or tree, whether it’s acres of crops or a small garden in someone’s backyard.

The principles I share in this series affect everyone. In particular, I highlighted principles that are paramount for people who desire to achieve great results in an area of their life. So far, we’ve covered the following principles:

When you understand and learn to leverage these principles, you put yourself in an excellent position to achieve remarkable results. However, if you ignore them, you expose yourself to bitter disappointment and regrets; you can’t bypass these principles if you aspire to achieve great results.

Today, I want to touch on yet another principle from the law of the land: the principle of patience.

No one plants seeds today and expects to reap fruit tomorrow. Producing fruit takes time. You must be patient and continue to work diligently, even when you see nothing. You know something is happening underground; it’s just not visible yet. But you keep working, knowing that your harvest is coming.

Achieving significant results in any area of your life—whether it be your career, your relationships, your finances, your skills, etc.—takes time. And sometimes, you’re doing all the right things but see little progress. Know this. Your efforts are producing roots in the dark and. in due time; you’ll reap if you persevere patiently.

Many people give up at the door of success. Because they don’t see the results they expected, they give up one step away from their breakthrough. Great results take longer, cost more, demand more effort than you first imagine. And if you want to reach the finish line, you must persevere.

Great results aren’t necessarily for the swift; they’re for them that endure. You must toil for a long time. But if you keep at it long enough and don’t faint, you’ll reap abundantly.

If you talk to people who have traveled the journey before you and achieve similar results than the ones you aspire to achieve, you realize how much effort and the time it takes to reach your destination. People who have achieved that level of results can share insights about the work you need to put in before you see the stem of results begin to sprout.

Also, great goals require great growth. You must become someone new: a new and improved version of yourself. A good part of reaching great goals rests on your personal growth: Can you become the person you must become to produce and sustain your desired results? You must be patient with yourself and give yourself the time to grow and become the person who can accomplish your great goal and achieve remarkable results.

In short, great results require great patience. It takes a bit of time for the accumulation effect to kick in and for momentum to build up. When you combine consistency and patience, you become unstoppable.

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Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.