How to Achieve Great Results Leveraging the Law of the Land – Part 6

In the region where I live, we can’t grow oranges or mango and a slew of other fruits, vegetables, and plants; the weather conditions aren’t conducive to it. However, we can grow apples, potatoes, carrots, maple trees, and many other plants and vegetation.

Environments provide vegetation the conditions it needs to grow and flourish. If the environment doesn’t provide a plant or tree the conditions it needs to flourish, it’s useless to try to cultivate that plant or tree. You’ll expend a lot of energy for meager results.

You must choose your environment depending on plants and trees you’re trying to grow. If you plant the right seeds (i.e., the one you desire) in the wrong environment, it won’t produce its fruit.—even if you apply the principle we’ve examined so far: work, clarity, consistency, risk, and patience.

Similarly, if you want to achieve great results, you must be mindful of your environment. Not all environments are conducive to your great goals.

For instance, if you aspire to lose 50 lbs while you hang out with people who spend their time eating donuts and sitting on the couch watching TV, you’ll have a hard time achieving your great goal; your environment isn’t conducive to your goal.

Likewise, if you want to do great work, you can’t spend your time with people who roam aimlessly through life, squandering their time on meaningless activities. Inevitably, they’ll like shackles at your feet, and you’ll end up frustrated; your goals will push you in a direction while your surroundings will pull you in the opposite direction.

Someone said it this way, “you can’t fly with eagles if you hang with turkeys.”

Your environment matters. Great results demand great environment.

Granted, you don’t control all the elements of your environment. However, you can be intentional about your social and physical surroundings, as they will affect your ability to produce the great results.

The principle of environment is the last principle I want to cover in this series. Combined with the other principles I shared in this series, you have a powerful set of principles to produce remarkable results:

Nature is rich in principles you glean wisdom from and leverage to achieve great results.

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