How to Avoid Getting Devoured By Procrastination

Procrastination chases you like a famished lion its prey. The way you escape it is by taking massive action. If you don’t, procrastination will catch you and devour your time, and before you know it, your carcass will be abandoned in the dry land of regret.

Procrastination is no joke; like fear, it doesn’t play fair. It comes after you, and once it has its hands on you, it refuses to let you go. And if you’ve ever struggled with procrastination, you know that it’s merciless.

Therefore, you must be intentional about overcoming it and protecting yourself against it. Your fight against procrastination begins when you decide that enough is enough and commit to changing your ways. Without a strong resolve, procrastination will always have the best of you.

To “outrun” procrastination, you must develop a bias toward action. It can be challenging if you’re not used to taking immediate action on things that matter. In fact, if you’re “last minute” type of person, then procrastination catches you all the time.

Small Steps

To turn things around, you must get into the habit of taking action. An easy way to start is by taking baby steps. When pursuing a goal or handling a task, take a baby step forward. That is, do something, no matter how small it may seem. The small step sets you in motion, and once in motion, you’re more likely to stay in motion.

Tight Deadlines

Another strategy that can help you in your fight against procrastination is to set tight deadlines for yourself. Deadlines have this power to set people in motion. When you have a tight deadline, you don’t have the luxury to procrastinate.

Avoid Baits

Procrastination knows your weaknesses, and it will use them as baits. If social media gouges big chunks of your time (i.e., the time you should be working on your goals), it’s precisely the activity procrastination will use as bait to attract. And once you’ve taken a bite of the bait, procrastination will put its claws on you.

To avoid the baits, you must first know what they are (i.e., what causes you to procrastinate). Once you see what time-wasting activities attract into the paws of procrastination, you can do what you must to stay away from them (or keep them away from you)

You don’t have to let procrastination devour your goals and dreams. You can outrun it by taking massive, immediate action—today.

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Vladimir Elie

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