How to Become a Top-notch Team Player

Teamwork is essential to achieving great results. What a team can achieve is far greater than what each member can accomplish on their own. The results of the whole are far greater than the sum of all the individual accomplishments of the team members.

You can do quite a bit on your own. But it will never match what you can accomplish in the context of a team; working in a team is a great multiplier. A team amplifies results. You can achieve far greater goals when working in a team.

The magnitude of what a team can accomplish depends largely on the team members. If you’ve ever been in a team where some members didn’t do their part and weren’t team players, you know how detrimental such members can be to the team’s objectives.

If you’re part of a team, you don’t want to be a burden to the team; you want to make sure you’re a top-notch team player.

1. Exceed Expectations

To become a top-notch team player, you must do your part and carry your weight.

You have a role to play in the team and you must fulfill it. As a team member, you have duties to carry out and are responsible for certain outcomes. You must know what those are and, not only deliver on your commitments but “overdeliver” on them: seek to exceed expectations. Give the team more than what you’re paid for.

Commit to excellence: hold yourself to high standards; produce quality work, and meet deadlines.

Remember that your work has an impact on theirs (and theirs on yours). Carry your weight and then some.

2. Communicate Effectively

Any team that doesn’t communicate effectively is preparing to fail. In a team, communication is every team member’s business.

As part of the team, strive to keep the open lines of communication between team members. In particular, don’t let disagreements and misunderstandings close those lines, remembering that, when working with people, conflicts sometimes arise. Instead, always make an honest effort to understand where your teammates are coming from: their point of view. And in every situation, seek for win-win solutions.

3. Promote Positivity

To become a top-notch team member, you must become a positive force in your team. Be one who helps, not hinders the team spirit; one who finds solutions, not simply problems; one who is a voice of encouragement, not discouragement. When members of the team leave your presence, they should be energized not depleted.

As with communication in a team, each team member contributes to the general atmosphere of the environment. Contribute to making it a pleasant environment that is conducive for everyone to produce their best work.

4. Leverage Their Expertise and Share Yours

Each member of the team brings their expertise and experience to the mix. Respect the expertise of other teammates. Recognize the contribution you bring and the one they bring to the table: stay in your lane and let them stay in theirs. Tap into their expertise and share yours liberally. Don’t hold back on sharing what you know. When you have valuable information, share it with the rest of the team. And help your teammates when needed.

5. Care About Your Teammates

Your teammates are humans, and as such, they have strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. They’re not perfect; they make mistakes, and, like everyone, they go through the vicissitudes of life. As a top-notch team player, be gracious when teammates make mistakes and show understanding when they go through challenging times. Be sensitive to their situation and offer your support. In short, care.

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Vladimir Elie

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