How to Excel in Your Chosen Field – Part 1

If you observe closely people who excel in their field, you’ll notice similarities.

At the core, they show two characteristics that explain their stellar performance. And these are the two characteristics I cover in this two-part series.

The first characteristic people who excel in their field have is “skill”. Obviously, people who excel in their chosen field are competent at what they do.

Hone Your Skills

People who excel in their field have a modicum of talent, which through work, they developed. Like a seed nurtured into a tree, they nurtured their talent to reach the highest levels of performance. They honed their skills through disciplined practice and now they excel.

You may have a great personality, but if you can’t perform the work, you won’t excel; if you can’t perform, you can’t excel. In fact, you’ll most likely fail.

If you’re going to become world class in your chosen field, you must hone the related skills. This implies that you must identify which skills are vital to your success in your chosen field. And when you have that list, your work your face off to master them.

Your skill level affects your ability to perform your work. You hone your skills by consistent practice. Simple but not easy.

Getting a coach helps; first because they serve as a guide who can shorten your learning curve; second because they motivate you to pay the price and hold you accountable for your performance.

Choose Your Field

Honing your skills is vital to your performance. However, if you hope to excel in your field, you must make sure you’re in the right field.

Real talk. You’re not suited for every field. There are fields where you’re made to shine and others where you’ll shrink. In some fields, you thrive; in others, you decline.

You may have the best intentions in the world, but if you’re placed in the wrong field, you’ll find it hard to excel; not because you don’t want to but because you’re not able to.

For example, if you’re not athletic and your body isn’t coordinated, and you choose to play basketball, you’ll struggle—big time. Bottom line, despite your best efforts you won’t excel; you’re in the wrong field, playing the wrong game.

Similarly, if you’re tone deaf and I sit you at the piano, you’ll struggle. One thing for sure is you won’t excel. Again, you’re sitting in the wrong field.

Many people are working in fields they aren’t suited for. And because of this, they struggle. They can’t fathom why they fail to move their career forward. They’re misplaced, but sometimes they don’t realize it. In fact, sometimes they even love the work they do. But just like the girl who loves to sing but everyone can tell she doesn’t have “it”, these workers don’t have enough talent and skill to really become world class at what they do. They love it, but they’re not equipped for it.

If you’re in the wrong field, you probably already know it. The question is: Do you have the guts to make a change? If you don’t you’ll remain average—at best.

If you want to excel, choose a field where you have the best chances to succeed: a field that leverages your strengths. You may have to try different fields before you find a match. As you’re journeying, never stop working on sharpening your skills.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.