How to Excel in Your Chosen Field – Part 2

If you’re going to do something, especially as a career, you might as well do it well: with excellence.

To excel in your chosen field, you need skill. This was the topic of my previous post. Without skill, you can’t excel. This demands that you diligently work at honing your skills and that you apply them to a field where they can flourish.

The other thing you need to excel in your chosen field—and I’ve been alluding to it indirectly—is “will”: you must WANT to excel. The people who excel in their field WANT to do a great job; they WANT to perform well. They’re committed to producing quality work.

This may seem obvious, but I must stress this out because there are so many talented and skillful people who sit on their abilities and waste them. They could contribute far more, but for lack of desire, they don’t.

Commit to Doing the Work

It’s not enough to be skillful at doing the work; you must actually perform the work. Being good at the work speaks to your potential; it’s performing the work that produces results—and causes you to excel.

People who excel in their field, aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty and doing the work. They have a strong work ethic. They don’t embrace the “how can I do the least amount of work possible?” philosophy. Rather, they seek to make the greatest contribution possible. They have a “give me the work” attitude and “let’s get it done” mindset.

Sometimes, they start their journey with less raw talent than some others. But what they lack in raw talent, they make up for, ten times over, by their strong work ethic and willingness to endure the growth process inherent to every journey toward excellence.

Because of their consistent efforts, like the tortoise of the fable, they outrun the hares of this world: people who are seemingly more talented. Disciplined work always outperforms raw talent. And these people demonstrate it.

To excel in your chosen field, you commit to doing the work.

Stretch Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes, talented people stagnate because they get comfortable with their current level of achievement. Somehow, they deceive themselves, believing they’ve arrived. As a result, they no longer welcome new challenges and stay stuck in their bland routine.

People who excel in their field never stop growing. They never stop perfecting themselves. They remain on the path of growth. They refuse to rest on their laurels, thinking they’ve arrived, and to downgrade their standard. They keep pushing and do what they can to remain excellent at what they do.

These people aren’t afraid of new challenges. In fact, they proactively seek them; they love stepping up their game.

If you want to excel in your field, you must never stop stretching outside of your comfort zone.

To become world class at what you do, you need both “skill” and “will”. You need the ability to perform and the desire to excel. Find a field that you have a knack and a passion for, keep honing your skills through diligent work, commit to producing quality work, and your performance will skyrocket to unprecedented heights.

Combine “skill” and “will” with a positive attitude, and you become an irreplaceable gem.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.