How to Go Through the Painful Process to Get to Your Desired Result

Result and process work together: to get a result, you must go through a process. You desire the result, but to achieve it, you must endure the process. If you want to reach the destination (the result), you must make it through the journey (the process).

For example, If you want to earn your degree (the result), you must go through the 3-year program and meet all the requirements (the process). If you’re not willing to go through the 3-year program (the process), you won’t get your degree (the result).

Similarly, if you want to write a novel, you must go through the writing process. If you want to lose 15 lbs, you must go through some sort of weight loss process. If you fail to go through the process, you don’t get your desired result.

Many people say they want a result, but they aren’t willing to go through the process. They want “result” without “process”. But result and process work together. They’re the two sides of the same coin. Wanting a result means agreeing to go through the corresponding process; going through the process leads you to the result.

If you want to achieve a great result be prepared to go through a demanding process. The process is the cost for the result.

Enjoying the Process

If you aspire to get a result and you enjoy the corresponding process, you’ve won the “jackpot”.

The process demands that you do the work. And if you enjoy doing the work, the result will take care of itself.

For instance, if you really enjoy the process of writing—the process of figuring out your plot, your characters, your scenes, etc.; and the process of putting words on the page day after day—you’ve won the “jackpot” in that area. You don’t have to worry about producing written material; you’ll get the result because you enjoy the work so much.

Similarly, if you genuinely enjoy lifting weights and feeling the pain in your muscles as you exercise, then you’ve won the “jackpot” in that area; you won’t have to convince or coerce yourself to go workout; you do it because you love it. And fitness will follow.

Enjoying the process is a great advantage. That’s why people seeking results in their area of their passion have an advantage; passion propels people forward toward their desired result. People working in their area of passion love the process; they do the work with great joy and enthusiasm, and this gives them an edge. And if they’re talented, they become unstoppable.

For example, people who are passionate about playing the piano has no problem sitting down at the piano, practicing pieces, scales, arpeggios, and whatever else. They sit at the piano and do their thing. And because they put in the long hours, they get quite good at playing. And if they’re talented enough, they become world-class.

When you love the process, you love doing the work, and thus, you do it. And when you do the work, you get results.

Not Enjoying the Process?

What if you don’t enjoy the process, but still need to get the result. What do you do? What if you hate the process but love the result? What if you love being fit but don’t enjoy working out? How do you endure the painful process to achieve your desired result?

Let’s be honest. If you don’t enjoy the process, it’s going to be harder for you to do the work and achieve the result. But all isn’t lost. If you find a way to get yourself to do the work, you can still get the result.

How do you get yourself to the work then? Well, there are many responses to this question. In fact, each person can have their own answer. The simple answer is: do whatever you need to do. But let me give you a few things that work for most.

Focus on the Result

To help you engage and endure the process, keep reminding yourself of your reward (i.e. the result). Let your desire for achieving the result drive you forward; getting the result is the ultimate reward for doing the work. For example, thinking about your result of having a Schwarzenegger body might be powerful enough to make you do the work.

For example, thinking about your result of having a Schwarzenegger body might be powerful enough to make you do the work.

Find Powerful Incentives

This is related to the previous point. In addition to using “the result”, your ultimate reward, as an incentive to get you to do the work, you can find ways to reward yourself when you achieve your intermediary goals and milestones. Those rewards motivate you to do the work.

For example, if you love watching movies, you can use that as an incentive to get you to work on your novel. When you hit your weekly word count, you reward yourself by watching a movie.

This is a powerful strategy. It’s like kids having to eat their whole meal (including their vegetables) before they can get their dessert. Knowing that they’ll get their dessert when they’re done their meal, is a great incentive for them to clean up their plates, even if they didn’t particularly enjoy the meal.

Remember Your “WHY”

Another powerful strategy is to keep your “Why” before your eyes. Your “Why” is your reason for desiring the result. Why did you want that result in the first place? Your “Why” will push you to do the work, even when you don’t particularly enjoy it or feel like doing it. When you “Why” is big enough, you can endure any process to reach your desired result.

On the flip side, you can also remember the consequences of not achieving the result. What is at stakes if you don’t do the work and achieve the result?

For example, one of your reasons for wanting to lose 15 lbs might be for the health benefits of getting back to your healthy weight. On the flip side, the consequence of not losing those 15 lbs might be that you expose yourself to the health risks associated with being overweight.

Combining the benefits of doing the work and the consequences of not doing it, can be a powerful force that gets you to endure the process.

Get Outside Support

You rarely need to go through the process alone. In fact, there are many people seeking to achieve the same result as you, and they too must go through the process. They can encourage you and you can encourage them along the way. The journey is more pleasant when traveling with like-minded people who are committed to reaching their destination.

Also, there might be people who have been through the process before you and who would be delighted to offer you support so that you make it through the process. By sharing the lessons they’ve learned along their journey, they’ll help you save you time and avoid pitfalls.

Being surrounded by the right people will help you make it through the process.

Get this. You can’t bypass the process. If you want the result, you must go through the process. The sooner you engage in the process, the sooner you reach the result.