How to Keep Moving Forward When Everything in You Wants to Quit

You’ve been working hard trying to complete your project or to reach a goal, but because so many obstacles have stood in your way, you’re no longer sure that you have what it takes to complete the race and reach the finish line.

Don’t be surprised when this happens. When you attempt to do something great, something that pushes you beyond your comfort zone, you can be certain that, at times, you’ll feel that way; just like you’re sure to feel sore and exhausted after an intense workout session at the gym.

Feeling the pain isn’t necessarily bad; it’s might just be a sign that you’re growing and getting stronger.

Anyone who launches on a great journey should expect times where the journey seems in jeopardy. These are the times when the committed are separated from the rest. Strong winds reveal those who are deeply rooted and those with shallow roots.

Remind Yourself of Why You Started

You decided to tackle the project or pursue the goal for a reason. When everything in you wants to quit, it’s time to remind yourself why you started in the first place.

Often, when you reconnect with your “Why”, you get a second wind.

You remember the rewards you’ll enjoy when you complete the journey and what is at stakes if you don’t.

You remember that you decided to lose 30 pounds because you wanted to get back to a healthy body weight and that, if you reach your goal, you’ll reap the health benefits; but that, if you don’t, your doctor already warned you about the harsh consequences you may suffer. This reminder can get you to stay away from the donuts and get back on the treadmill.

Reconnect With Your Support Network

No one has to travel alone. Even if your goal is a solitary one, there are people in your network who understand what it’s like to feel the way you do. Some of these people may have already traveled (or are traveling) a journey similar to yours. They may have already gone through many dark seasons, perhaps even worst than yours, and have overcome.

By connecting with them, they can help you gain insight into your current state and help you tap into your reservoir of inner strength to get you out of hopelessness.

Keep Putting One Foot in Front of the Other

You may not be moving forward as quickly as you would want to, but if you keep putting one foot in front of the other, even if only with baby steps, you can still travel the distance. However, if you quit, you’ll never reach your goal.

The journey isn’t all “sunny”. Sometimes, rain pours; sometimes, snow falls; and sometimes, winds blow. Sometimes, it’s warm; sometimes, it’s freezing cold.

You don’t control everything that happens, but you control how you react to it. You decide if you keep putting one foot in front of the other, or if you fold it and go home.

If you want to achieve great goals, you must resolve to keep taking steps forward, even when the going gets tough. You may not go as fast as the “Hare”, but wish you were going as fast as the Hare, but if, like the “Tortoise”, you go slow and steady, you can still reach the finish line—and win.