How to Keep Up With the “Pros” in Your Chosen Field

I was invited to the qualifying tryouts for the regional Junior A hockey team. Although I hadn’t played for about a year, I felt great about putting my skates back on and reconnecting with the game.

Rusty, I skated around the rink a few times, and, thanks to muscle memory, it all started to come back. After a few drills, I felt as if I had never stopped playing. I was back on track. So I thought.

When we started to play—for real—despite all my efforts, I couldn’t keep up with these guys; they were too fast, too strong, too agile. The game was moving too fast for me. I was always a split second behind. Because of it, I got smashed on the boards numerous times, my passes were intercepted, and I didn’t score any goals.

What I experienced at my level, others have experienced at their level. Sometimes, athletes who were dominating in the minor leagues fail to keep up when they get to the pros. Like me, they’re a split second behind, and that split second makes a big difference.

When you perform (or want to perform) at a certain level, the “split second” makes a big difference. More specifically, in the “game” of getting results, execution is king. And when it comes to execution, a “split second” can make a big difference.

How well can you execute in your area of work and expertise?

You can talk a good game, but can you play a good game: can you execute and get the job done.

Whatever your chosen field, there are certain tasks and activities you must execute. Your goal should be becoming has proficient has you can at performing them; your results depend on it. Sluggish and sloppy execution leads to poor results. It’s skillful execution that produces great results.

What skills do you need to excel in your chosen field? When you identify them, work on them. Practice. Practice. Practice. Never stop sharpening your skills. Work until you master those skills. And when you do, you’ll keep up with the pros—and perhaps lead them.

About The Author

Vladimir Elie

I help people learn and apply success principles and strategies so that they can get the results they want in life.